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Recognition of formal, non-formal and informal competences – Recognition of Prior Learning

An Overview

Validation is the term used to describe procedures that make a person's already acquired learning outcomes visible. It takes place through several procedural steps from identification, documentation and assessment to certification.

The results of formal, non-formal and informal learning processes should gain visibility and social recognition through validation measures. Personal development, including raising awareness of one's own competences, plays a major role here.

Validation is a way of acquiring qualifications and documenting competences, and thus an enrichment of traditional education and training procedures. 

About the VNFIL-Projekt.

Phases of Validation

The European guidelines for validation with the 4 phases is standard throughout Europe as well as Austria. This is reflected in the presentation of the Austrian Strategie zu nicht formalen und informellen Lernens in Österreich, the AQ Austria recommendation and the CEDFOP criteria.