Examination Regulations for the Physics Examinations of the Institute of Physics and Materials Science (H892)

Examination dates, registration and deregistration

The examination dates are entered in BOKUonline as soon as they are fixed. At least three examination dates are offered in each semester.

Registration and deregistration can only be done via BOKUonline.

The deadline for deregistration is 24:00, five days before the exam (see BOKU Statutes §81 Abs. 4)!
Neither registration nor deregistration will be carried out by department staff.

Absence from the examination without deregistration in BOKUonline will result in a suspension of 90 days. Without exception, late cancellations can only be considered if a written medical or official confirmation is provided. In this case, please contact our department secretary Martina Chobot!

Commission repeat examinations

Commission repeat examinations must be applied for. The application and the legal framework can be found under: link

The application must be completed in full and signed by the chairperson and the first and second examiners and submitted to the Office of Student Affairs / Examinations at least 14 days before the examination date.

The Institute will hold repeat examinations on the following dates: 08.03.2023, 19.04.2023 and 14.06.2023.

On these dates, the lecturers as well as other lecturers of the institute will be available as commission members. For the administrative handling we ask you to contact the institute secretariat in time.

Procedure of the test

The exams are written. Non-programmable calculator, writing materials and student ID are to be brought along! Cell phones are to be turned off before the exam! Paper will be provided. Only writing materials, calculator and student ID are allowed on the workstation. No documents (formularies, scripts, etc.) brought to the exam are allowed. Working time is usually 90 minutes.

Lecture hall layout

If there is a choice of several lecture halls in a building for an examination date and no explicit allocation has been made before the start of the examination, the lecture halls will be allocated via notices at the lecture hall entrances shortly before the start of the examination (at the latest 1/2 hour before). If examinations are held at several BOKU locations, you will receive an e-mail from us at the latest 12:00 noon before the examination, from which you can see the examination location.

Substance of the exam

The examination material is the material read in the last lecture cycle. It is recommended to take the exam no later than 1 year after the lecture, as the lecture material may change. No materials (formulary, lecture notes, etc.) are allowed on the exam. Physics Exams: Theory questions and computational examples (approximately 50:50) will be examined. An attempt will be made to provide questions and examples from as many chapters as possible. Thus, no chapter is preferred.


The results and the date of inspection are published in BOKUonline. Certificates are usually issued no later than 4 weeks after the examination. Therefore, choose the examination date in time if you have to meet deadlines!

Office hours

The office hours vary depending on the course instructor.
Please check BOKUonline for the current date!