Crediting of courses at the Inst. of Physics and Materials Science

Similar courses taken at another university or university of applied sciences or taken as part of another degree program at BOKU can be credited for courses at the Institute of Physics and Materials Science under the following conditions.

For this, all of the following criteria must be met

  1. The course was completed at a university or university of applied sciences. Courses at higher schools such general as high schools or HTL are not considered! An exception is given by courses completed at a higher vocational school in subjects that provide essential and special qualification for the future job, e.g. "Environmental physics" in a school type "Evironmental management", or similar. This option will be checked on an individiual basis. General physics courses are in any case not considered as an essential or special job qualification subject.
  2. The completed course has at least the same number of ECTS as the course offered at BOKU.
  3. The completed course has at least the same number of semester hours as the course offered at BOKU.
  4. The contents of the course offered at BOKU are covered for the most part by the completed course. Several completed courses can also be used for crediting.
  5. The course must have been completed with a positively evaluated certificate.

Practical procedure for crediting

Verification of the above criteria by the student him/herself. If the criteria are met then:

  1. Study Department:
  2. Personal consultation with the course instructor during office hours. Information about time and place of the office hours can be found in the respective BOKU online business cards.

The following must be brought to the course instructor's office hours

  1. Proof of ECTS, semester hours and grade (transcripts)
  2. Completed form of the study department
  3. Proof of the content of the courses in the form of detailed lecture notes, a detailed transcript, possibly also electronic documents. In case of doubt, it is possible for the course instructor to determine the knowledge in individual subject areas by means of an assessment examination (short oral examination on site).

Approval or rejection

Is done by the course instructor by signing the form provided by the academic department.


Download this page: Crediting of courses IPM.