Cross-cutting research areas pay attention to our global responsibility with regard to resilient agriculture and sustainable use of land and water ecosystems:

  • Analysis of structural causes of hunger and malnutrition

  • Implementing the human right to adequate food and nutrition

  • Democratic control of food production

  • Climate-social politics

  • Values-based modes of production and consumption

  • Community-based breeding and livestock systems

  • Transformative learning with actors from academia, politics, civil society and the economy

  • Women's rights regarding access to land and natural resources

  • Protein transition to less meat consumption as part of the Austrian UniNEtZ project.

  • Sustainable resilient fisheries systems

IDR is also an important focal point in international development research and global cooperation, together with the Cluster for Development Research (CDR), which is coordinated by IDR. The CDR bundles technical and methodological expertise at BOKU in order to contribute in the best possible way to a transformation towards ecological, economic and social sustainability (based on the SDGs) in the Global South.