to the working group of Transdisciplinary System Research

WG Transdisciplinary Systems Research

The working group ‘Transdisciplinary Systems Research’ aims to understand the role of organic  in societal change and the development of organic food and farming systems . Our research builds upon a systemic approach as well as transdisciplinary methods.  We also focus heavily on ethical reflections that are often at the center of the practices and rules that are linked to organic farming. In doing so, we follow innovative, theoretical approaches and contribute towards transformation in both local and global communities. To learn more about our working group themes, visit Topics. We are an international team and our participants bring contribute to a diverse and varying disciplinary background. This makes for a team equipped with interdisciplinary skills and many practical experience from working in various situations and often with related stakeholders. We always strive to integrate these different perspectives and backgrounds into our various projects. If you would like to read more about our working group team, take a look at our Team page. We always welcome additional students to participate in our course work and approach us with Master’s Theses or Dissertation ideas that fit within our main themes or to participate in topics that we are working on now: projects.  The basis of most of our research is qualitative or mixed methods from social sciences, however we are open to other approaches.


Contact: Lucia Diez Sanjuan, Dr.