Project Description

Despite the rich natural endowments, the Rwenzori region in Western Uganda faces enormous challenges: over exploitation of its natural resources, high population growth rates and poverty among the majority of the smallholder households. There is high demand for research and education to address these challenges and to elaborate solutions collaboratively with local stakeholders enabling an agroecological (AE) and socio-cultural sound development based on a sustainable and economic use of regional resources.

The AER partnership project is designed as a continuous mutual exchange process of skills, knowledge and experiences in theory and practices primarily between BOKU and MMU, also including smallholder communities and other non-academic stakeholders with the main objective to build capacities es in higher education, research and community outreach in the field of agroecology in the Rwenzori region.

AER therefor gears up for:

  • Staff training in AE principles including the socio-cultural dimension, systemic understanding and transdisciplinarity.
  • Establishment of a participatory action research framework between MMU and the stakeholder communities to enable knowledge exchange and therefore socio-economic and agro-ecological innovations.
  • Development and implementation of a stakeholder-driven, regionally embedded Master’s curriculum in Agroecology at MMU to form alumni who are capable in decisively contributing to the prevalent challenges in the Rwenzori Region.
  • Design and establishment of an agroecological demonstration farm at MMU´s campus in Saaka

Find a poster of the project here.