MARCH 22nd/23rd 2018: Workshop "System Dynamics in Transportation Modelling"

The first workshop of the System Dynamics Society Transportation SIG was held on Friday 23rd March 2018, hosted by the Institute of Transport Studies, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria. In total 22 persons, from Masters/PhD students to Professors, attended the workshop. The programme included eight papers and two posters. During coffee and lunch breaks participants took the advantage of networking and discussing previous presentations.

The workshop was divided into five sessions (Program). Following a keynote by Gunter Emberger (Abstract, Presentation), there were three sets of oral presentations under the themes of Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Transit & Connectivity and Logistics & Freight, which were followed by a SIG Business meeting. Jonatan Gomez-Vilchez from the European Commission Joint Research Center presented on recent developments in the EC-JRC Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model - PTT-MAM (Abstract). Marc Haddad of the Lebanese American University provided an overview of the issues developing countries face in the decarbonisation of transportation (Abstract, Presentation). David Pierce, of the University of Leeds, described the progress in his PhD project on the impacts of inter-city connectivity on economic performance and labour reallocation (Abstract, Presentation). Astrid Guhnemann of BOKU gave an overview of a model of the diffusion/use of a mobile phone travel app being developed to combine journey planning and ticketing (Abstract, Presentation). Enzo Bivona of the University of Palermo presented work about the connectivity between supply and demand actors in the sharing economy related to parcel couriers (Abstract, Presentation). Paul Pfaffenbichler, of BOKU, presented a proposal to include long distance travel and urban freight/e-commerce into an existing urban land use and transport interaction model (Abstract, Presentation). Finally Giovanni Zenezini, Technical University of Torino, presented on his ongoing PhD work on urban freight (Abstract, Presentation).