On April 28 the Institute of Statistics organized the BOKU Big Data Day to kick off new activities promoting the exchange of researchers from all Departments on questions of working with Big Data and the application of Data Science methods. Periodic events with plenty of opportunities to network with your colleagues will follow.​


9:00  Opening

First Session 9:05 – 10:35 

09:05  Clement Atzberger (Institute of Geomatics):  
           Big data – bigger data – earth observation data  
09:25  Drazen Petrov (Institute of Molecular Modeling and Simulation): 
           Molecular modeling: from proteins to soils  
09:45  Moritz Feigl (Institute of Hydrology and Water Management): 
           AI and machine learning in hydrological sciences  
10:05  Nicole Borth (Institute of Animal Cell Technology and Systems Biology): 
           Big data from a tiny cell - CHO-omics at BOKU  

10:25  Coffee Break and Networking 

Second Session 11:00 – 12:30 

11:00  Pablo Rischbeck (Department of Crop Sciences): 
           Automatic ear fusarium quantification by deep learning 
11:20  Felix Wascher (Institute of Computational Biology):  
           Analysing sequencing data and genomic variation  
11:40  David Leidinger (Institute of Meteorology and Climatology):  
           The Data Avalanche in Climate Science 
 12:00 Sebastian Michel (Institute of Plant Breeding):  
           Phenotype and genotype data in plant breeding  

12:20  Discussion and Future Events 

12:30  Lunch and Networking  

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