On May 16h, 2023 the Data Science Initiative organized a workshop bringing together researchers from BOKU and Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH, https://www.csh.ac.at/).
The goal was to inform the BOKU faculty about the CSH (partner institutions, objectives, research fields, programs, etc) and vice versa.


15:30 Opening 

Christian Obinger (BOKU, VR for Research and Innovation) 

Stefan Thurner (President and CSH Faculty) 

15:40 - 17:00 Ideas for Collaboration 

  • Helmut Haberl and Dominik Wiedenhofer (Institute of Social Ecology) with Stefan Thurner (CSH):
    Social Metabolism meets Complexity Science:
    Several collaborations between the Institute of Social Ecology and the CSH are currently explored, in particular building upon (emerging) results from the ERC-AdG project MAT_STOCKS matstocks.boku.ac.at  

  • Matthias Radant (Donau Universität Krems & CSH):
    The use of trade data in the analysis of global phosphate flows 

  • Ulrich Morawetz (Institute of Sustainable Economic Development):
    Revealed preference models for valuation of environmental (dis)amenities 

  • Frank Neffke (CSH):
    Cities as coordinating devices for complex know-how - Economic development in and across cities 

  • Brady Mattsson (Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management):
    Conflicts in Wildlife Management - WiseAdapt: Developing & testing an interdiciplinary model of wildlife-based conflicts across a mountain range

  • Amelie Desvars-Larrive (VetMed & CSH):
    Veterinary epidemiology and One Health approach

  • Karolina Taczanowska (Institute of Landscape Development, Recreation and Conservation Planning):
    Tourism Mobility Complexity

  • Emma Izquierdo-Verdiguier (Institute of Geomatics):
    Spring onset in the could - Climate Change

  • Raphael Preto-Curiel (CSH): Urban Systems:
    Data for African cities – sustainable mobility in cities

  • Johannes Stangl (CSH):
    Green Stress Testing - How we can use of firm-level production networks to inform the green transition 

17:00 - 18:00 Discussion in small groups 

 Open end with snacks, BOKU beer and wine 



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