Compliance Officer (CO)

The CO is responsible for the implementation and expansion of a Compliance-Management-System (CMS) at BOKU and also for the implementation and operation of an internal reporting-system according to the requirements of the EU-Whistleblower-Directive and the HSchG. This is done in close coordination with the rectorate to which the CO is also obliged to report.

Area of responsibility

In addition, the most important tasks of the CO includes the management of the project for the introduction of a Compliance-Management-System with regard to compliance with the applicable and the organisation's internal regulations, as well as the support and advising the university management, governing bodies/committees, executives and employees in compliance issues on the basis of the BOKU Project-Charter.

Contact and contact person

Our Compliance Officer is available to answer any questions

      • under compliance(at) or
      • in a personal meeting after prior appointment.

Reports can be submitted to BOKU by e-mail or via the web-based reporting-system, where they can also be submitted anonymously.

Contact details for submitting a report:

      • e-mail: compliance(at)
      • web-based reporting-system: