BOKU: University Forest

The University forest is owned by the Austrian Federal Forest Company which is in charge of the forest management practices applied. The size of the forest is about 1000 ha, covered with all major tree species and forest types in Austria (Norway spruce, Fir, Larch, Scots pine, Beech, Oak, etc). The forest area is located in the Rosalie valley near the Lower Austria/Burgenland border. The elevation ranges from about 400 m up to nearly 900 m, including steep slopes mostly west facing. The total timber volume in the forest is about 287,000 m3 or 320 m3/ha. The current annual volume increment is 7.8 m3/ha. Since the forest district has been declared as experimental forest, forest practice has been changed to promote uneven aged mixed species stands. The University Forest has to fulfill follwing tasks

  • Support of educational and research work
    of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
    especially the Department of Forest and Soil Science
  • Independent research work
  • Coordination with the forest owner (Austrian Federal Forest Company)
  • management of the seminar building