Master thesis at the Institute of Silviculture

Graduating at the Institute of Silviculture allows you to apply the acquired knowledge and skills on silvicultural topics. In most cases you are confronted with a problem of forest management. You have to solve it considering various management objectives under different ecological and technical constraints. This work will be handled like a research project that provides you a very effective and successful training for your future career.

Choosing topic and supervisor

If you are interested in doing your Master topic at our Institute, please contact one of the following supervisors:

  • Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Hubert  Hasenauer
  • Ao.Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Eduard Hochbichler
  • Ao.Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Manfred Lexer
  • Ao.Univ.Prof. DI Dr. MAS (GIS) Harald Vacik

If you are looking for a topic, see our list of finished or ongoing Master thesis, ask a supervisor or visit one of the Master’s Thesis Seminars.

Guideline for Master thesis

Here you find the Guideline for Master thesis from the Institute of Silviculture. This guideline is meant to give you information on administrative requirements of the BOKU and Institute of Silviculture, such as Formal Registration, Master’s Thesis Seminar or Hints for Layout.

If you have any general questions concerning the process Master thesis at our Institute, don’t hesitate to contact:



At the beginning of your thesis

After finishing your thesis, before completion of studies

  • Step 2: The student enters the data in the "Abstract-application".
  • Step 3: The supervisor approves the data.
  • Step 4: The student brings a signed printout and the printed copies of the thesis to the  BOKU Study service – Centre. This office enters some additional data like the final title of the thesis and the publication date.

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Completion of the Master's programme

Master's Programme Forest Sciences has been completed when the student has passed all required courses and received a positive grade on the Master’s thesis and defence examination. Graduates of the Master’s Programme are awarded the academic title "Diplomingenieur" bzw. "Diplomingenieurin", short "Dipl.-Ing."/"" or "DI"/"DIin".

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