e-mail: mj.lexer(at)boku.ac.at

phone: +43 / 1 / 47654 - 91316

Institute of Silviculture (Institut für Waldbau)
Department of Forest- and Soil Sciences
BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
A-1190 Wien, Peter Jordanstr. 82

room: 02/131  (Schwackhöferhaus, 2nd floor)

Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Manfred J. Lexer

main research areas

  • Quantitative analysis of multi-functional forest management strategies
    (i.a. protective function, timber, carbon sequestration, habitat suitability)
  • Forest management under climate change
    (impacts, vulnerability, mitigation, adaptation)
  • Development and application of ecosystem models (PICUS)
  • Multi-criteria planing and decision making
  • Development and application of decision support systems
  • Continous cover forestry Secondary conifer forests

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Manfred J. Lexer
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