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Institute of Silviculture (Institut für Waldbau)
Department of Forest- and Soil Sciences
BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
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Mathias Neumann

... has been an Erwin Schrödinger Fellow (financed by the Austrian Science Fund, FWF) for two years at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Building upon his PhD-thesis and ongoing projects he investigated the carbon uptake of woodlands. These are in comparison to Central European forests relatively open forest ecosystems with abundant shrubs and grasses in the understory. Other focus areas were energy pools and fluxes of forest ecosystems, fire and fuel loads and limitations of forest growth by nutrients, climate and water availability.

The research focus of Mathias Neumann is the quantification of carbon stocks and carbon pools of terrestrial ecosystems. Better understanding these processes is not only important for global climate change, but also for the assessment of available resources for the bioeconomy.

Mathias Neumann has been employed since 2012 at the institute of silviculture as a research assistant and finalized his PhD-thesis in September 2016 entitled "Estimating net primary production using remote sensing and terrestrial forest inventory data". He was working on the research project FORMIT ("FORest management strategies to enhance the MITigation potential of European forests") on the assessment of carbon storage and forest productivity using terrestrial inventory data, satellite data and the results of biogeochemical modell simulations (Biome BGC).

He has a diploma degree in "Mountain Risk Engineering" at the Universität für Bodenkultur (topic of the thesis: "Spatial and temporal reconstruction of debris flow activity in alpine catchments"). 

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