Wood Supply Chain Management: Plan, design, operate, control and monitor wood supply chains

Major shifts concerning climate change, globalization, digitalization as well as the promotion of bioenergy or the rapidly increasing wood demand in emerging markets challenge sustainability, supply security and competitiveness of the forest-based industry. This requires the evaluation of risk impacts and the derivation of strategic and operative measures ensuring a constantly increasing sustainable wood supply to other industries. Innovative wood supply chain management considers the potential of digitalization and cooperative planning and focuses on supply security, sustainability and efficiency as well as resilience. In order to strengthen competitiveness of bioeconomy, quantitative methods optimizing wood transportation on strategical, tactical and operative levels simulation models are developed and implemented. Thereby, improvement of daily business as well as coping strategies for changed environmental conditions such as contingency plans to overcome logistical challenges of catastrophic events (e.g., storms or massive bark beetle outbreaks) are developed.