FOEBE - Fostering Entrepreneurship for the Bioeconomy

The FOEBE project is an Erasmus+ project and runs from September 2020 to August 2023, coordinated by AgroParisTech, France. It aims to equip Bioeconomy students with sustainable entrepreneurial skills to accelerate the European expansion of the Bioeconomy sector.

Bioeconomy is a key strategy for the European Union, whose thorough deployment is a prerequisite for the success of the Green Deal. This new, systemic approach, which includes different economic sectors and is based on circularity and sustainability principles, requires a paradigm shift in both training curricula and pedagogical practices to equip young professionals with sustainable entrepreneurship skills. Those will be instrumental to the advent of the bioeconomy as novel, out-of-the-box environmental-friendly and economically sound solutions are needed.

Current entrepreneurship training programmes are not tailored to the needs of the Bioeconomy sector, which hampers its development potential. Furthermore, there is a lack of a European approach in this respect, despite Bioeconomy appearing high on the policy agenda. Also, jointly developing content at the EU level would enable students (i.e., entrepreneurs to be) to have a vision encompassing all dimensions of the Bioeconomy in such context.

FOEBE+ - Fostering Entrepreneurship for the Bioeconomy

The FOEBE+ project, again funded by the Erasmus+ programme is the sequel to the successful FOEBE Erasmus+ strategic partnership. It aims to offer a tailor-made study pathway to train a wider audience of bioeconomy entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and guide them along their entrepreneurial journey.

The FOEBE+ programme is composed of 8 modules:

  • Introduction of the bioeconomy
  • Accelerated entrepreneurship
  • Design thinking, creativity and innovative products
  • Knowledge management and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Business management and finance
  • Leadership and execution
  • Marketing
  • Digitalisation and the bioeconomy