Explainable Machine Learning

Explainable Machine Learning

14:00 ‐ 21:00

  • Symposium

In this follow-up event we want to focus on interpretability and explainability of these black-box models and their potential in interdisciplinary research.

Keynote: Prof. Andreas Holzinger et al. (institute of Forest Engineering) Human-Centered AI for smart forest operations: Group Research topics

Contributed talks:
Sangeeta Kumari (Core Facility Bioinformatics)
Stefan Böhmdorfer (Institute of Chemistry of Renewable Resources)
Mathew Herrnegger (Institute of Hydrology and Water Management)
Enrico Soranzo (Institute of Geotechnical Engineering)
Martin Riegler (Wood K plus)
Emma Izquierdo-Verdiguier (Institute of Geomatics)

with plenty of opporunities to network with your colleagues during a coffee break and after the symposium (approx. 17:30) with snacks, wine and beer.

ILWA - Seminarraum SR29
Ilse-Wallentin-Haus, Peter-Jordan-Straße 82, 1190 Wien
Institut für Statistik
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