We are happy to announce the upcoming event of the Data Science @ BOKU initiative:

Explainable Machine Learning

on April 12th 2023 at 14:00 in Peter Jordan Str. 82, Ilse Wallentin Haus, ILWA SR29/1&2

with a keynote given by Prof. Andreas Holzinger et al. on Human-Centered AI for smart forest operations.

BOKU Big Data Day was a great opportunity to get an overview of the diverse range of outstanding machine learning applications across BOKU departments.
In this follow-up event we want to focus on interpretability and explainability of these black-box models and their potential in interdisciplinary research.

If you are interested to contribute a short presentation of your work in this field please write us an email with a title and a short abstract until January 31st to:

If you would like to participate in the event, please register with your name and e-mail address via the following registration application (Termino):