Online lunch seminar 2022 - Aquatic ecosystem science and application at IHG/BOKU

Seminarraum Hydrobiologie (MENH-DG/08, Nördliches Turmzimmer)

hybrid online:


Wednesday 8th of June 12:30 – 13:30

Dr. Jörg Schneider:
"Biotic and abiotic related pressures and challenges of a resettlement project of salmon (Salmo salar L.) at the Rhine river"

In the framework of the seminar “Aquatic ecosystem science and 
application”, interested parties have the chance to get an insight 
straight from the source. Dr. Jörg Schneider, professional biologist and 
founder of the joint office for fish- and aquatic ecosystem ecology 
studies, BFS. He will present the resettlement project of salmon (Salmo
salar L.) in the catchment area of the Rhine river. The associated 
biotic and abiotic related pressures and challenges like low flow 
conditions, feeding pressure due to cormorant and catfish and injuries 
due to collision with ship propellers and turbines of hydro-plants are 
going to be presented and discussed. As will be seen there are many more 
hurdles a salmon has to face, which leads to the question: Can the 
salmon overcome the challenges and resettle in the Rhine river?


Wednesday 15th of June 12:00 – 13:00

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franz Greimel:
"Characterization of sub-daily flow fluctuations as a basis for sustainable hydropeaking management"

In a natural river system, established aquatic organisms are usually 
adapted to the natural dynamics and behavior of the river. Concomitant 
with the use of water power for energy production, especially 
mountainous rivers are often impacted by frequent flow variations, 
caused by peak-operating hydropower plants. Thich adds as an immense 
stressor for occurring fish populations and the completion of their life 
cycle. Dr. Franz Greimel, scientific project assistant at the
IHG, provides an insight for us in the latest research outcomes of 
effects and possible mitigations of hydropeaking.


Wednesday 22nd of June 12:00 – 13:00

Mag. Stefan Schneeweihs:
"Findings on the renaturation project in the national park Donauauen"

We, from the Masters Seminar, would like to invite you to the upcoming 
lunch lecture on 22 June. In this lecture, the audience will be given a 
compact overview of the hydraulic engineering projects for the 
renaturation project "Donauauen National Park". Mag. Stefan Schneeweihs 
is a part of the administration in this project working in the field of 
nature & science and will present to us the newest findings on the 
Topics such as problems caused by river regulation and power plants will 
be addressed, as well as the effects on the process. An insight is 
gained into approaches to solutions, hydraulic engineering measures and 
basic abiotic effects. The overall question in the end is: What will 
still need to be done in the future? And will the Danube function 
naturally again after the implementation of the measures?

For further questions and the coordinator of this lunch seminar;

Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmutz (IGH/BOKU) Email: stefan.schmutz(at)