students in a boat on a lake with plenty of aquatic plants (Kenya)

Elective courses in Kenya

Modules at Egerton University

Students of Applied Limnology have the opportunity to join students of the international joint Master's programme Limnology and Wetland Management (LWM) in 1-5 of their modules at Egerton University, Kenya:

  • Lake Ecology
  • Stream and River Ecology
  • Wetlands for Water Quality
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Fieldtrip on Sustainable Management and Utilization of Coastal Ecosystems

Applied Limnology students are exempt from tuition fees at Egerton University (160.000 KES | 1.230 EUR) but have to cover travel, accommodation & living costs.

To look for financial support:

- contact the International Relations at BOKU (e.g.: and / or

- check the Austrian fellowship data-base





To apply for the Egerton University LWM modules of your choosing, you will need:

  • BSc or MSc certificate in Biology, Environmental Science or other related areas
  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Filled application form

Please send your application documents to:




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