Limnology & Wetland Management (LWM)

International Joint Degree Masters Programme

ID of study programme: H 066 448 008
ISCED-Code: 851 (Environmental protection services)

Study begin:  October 

Study duration: 19 months

The LWM Master programme is designed for scientists, technologists, engineers, conservationists and environmental managers who have professional interest in aquatic ecosystem research and management. Provided are knowledge and skills to address environmental problems and to interact with stakeholders, managers and policy makers for appropriate management solutions. Graduates are qualified to investigate, monitor and manage aquatic ecosystems by integrating ecological, technical and socio-economic knowledge and skills.

LWM is a joint degree master programme of BOKU, Egerton University, Kenya and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands. The MSc degree is awarded as joint degree from all three partner universities and the academic credits are awarded according to the according to the ECTS. The MSc programme structure/curriculum consists of three semesters of four months each, which are held in Austria (BOKU), Kenya (Egerton University) and The Netherlands (IHE Delft), and followed by a six month research period.

All three study locations are world-famous tourist locations - Vienna (Austria), Nakuru/Egerton (Kenya) and Delft (The Netherlands) – thus, go for studying where others are going for holidays and sight-seeing! We are very much inviting you to study in three different countries together with students from all over the world.


BOKU (Austria), Egerton University (Kenya) & IHE Delft (The Netherlands)

Austrian Semester  (((October - January)))

Boku University

Basics in Limnology

Ecology of Aquatic Organisms

Basics in Applied Limnology

Aquatic Ecosystem Management

Scientific Methods

Kenyan Semester  (((February - May)))

Egerton University

Lake Ecology

Ecology of Streams and Rivers

Wetlands for Water Quality

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Fieldtrip on sustainable management and utilization of coastal ecosystems

Netherlands Semester  (((May - September)))

IHE Delft

Wetlands for Livelihoods and Conservation

Aquatic Ecosystems: Processes and Applications

Data Analysis and Modelling for Aquatic Ecosystems


MSc preparation and Research methods

Summer school

MSc Research and Thesis writing (((October - May)))

Further information

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Vienna, Austria): IPGL Office email: ipgl(at)

IHE Delft (Delft, The Netherlands): Mr. Edwin Hes e-mail: e.he(at)

Egerton University (Njoro, Kenya): Assoc. Prof. Nzula Kitaka e-mail: nkitaka(at)