Datum: 17. November 2022

Uhrzeit: 15.00 - 17.00 Uhr

Format: analoge Abhaltung

Max. Anzahl Teilnehmer*innen: 20

Ort: SR09 (SCHWH)

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the event will be held in English

Values are often considered as key for social-ecological transformation. Within sustainability science, they are conceptualized and analyzed as possible deep leverage points to achieve societal change. In the alternative food networks literature, certain values such as trust or solidarity along the food chain play an important role in establishing and maintaining producer-consumer relations. In development research, values are usually addressed as collective or individual determinants of behavior. The wish to understand why people do what they do reflects the desire to bring about change, or development.

We will start the workshop with sharing our experience in researching values. We will present our different theoretical and methodological approaches, highlighting their opportunities and pitfalls. After our short inputs touching different geographical contexts, we will draw on the thoughts, experience and knowledge of the participants and discuss the question whether we should and how we can research values within the format of a world café. In the end, we will wrap up the gained insights in the plenary.

Dipl.-Kulturw.Univ. Dr.Christina Plank

works on political ecology, governance and social-ecological transformation with a focus on critical agrarian studies.

Mag. Dr. Lorenz Probst

is a social scientist in development contexts and an assistant professor at the Centre for Development Research.

RNDr. Michaela Pixová, Ph.D

holds a PhD in human Geography and regional development and worked as the coordinator of the Czech Climate Coalition.

All are part of the Institute for Development Research at BOKU.