This system provides ideal performance for high quality and high throughput multi-element analysis of major and trace concentrations in a wide variety of samples including environmental-, biological-, biotechnological-, pharmaceutical analysis, food quality control and many more. Elemental speciation analysis and online sample preparation as well as turbo flow chromatography can be accomplished by HPLC/UPLC hyphenated to ICP-MS.

Technical Information

iCAP™ Qc ICP-QMS. Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH. Obtained 2013.

The system consists of a proprietary Qcell technology acting as an ion guide in standard mode (no gas mode), further, it provides capabilities for the reduction of interferences using He as collision gas and O2 as reaction gas, respectively, thus allowing highly reproducible multi-element analysis in a variety of sample matrices across the entire mass range.

A secondary electron multiplier detector provides a high linear dynamic detection range over 9 orders of magnitude for the accurate analysis of traces to major element concentrations.

This instrument is equipped with a CETAC™ autosampler for continuous data acquisition and can be coupled to various flow injection- and bioinert LC-systems for elemental speciation analysis. Moreover, a metal-free LC systems (Thermo Scientific Transcend™) for turbo flow (TuboFlow™) online sample preparation and chromatography is available