This system is ideal for routine high resolution QTOF fragmentation workflows and can be operated in several different acquisition modes (e.g. target list, data dependent analysis) in combination with liquid chromatographic separation of small molecules across a wide range of applications. Additionally, the low field drift tube ion mobility (IM) cell can be used to generate accurate and reproducible collision cross section (CCS) data for all ions of interest. It is well suited for confirming identities of structural isomers, finding and confirming minor components and advanced structural characterization in the ion mobility dimension.

Technical Information

Series 6560 LC-IMS-QTOFMS. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2015.

In addition to TOF and QTOF systems, this instrument allows use of an additional analytical dimension, i.e. the drift time or collisional cross-section of a compound, to support the identification of unknown compounds. This system offers a mass accuracy of 1 ppm with a spectral resolution of up to 40 000 and is coupled with an Agilent 1290 Infinity II UPLC and corresponding Multisampler.