Chemistry of Renewable Nanomaterials

The group “Chemistry of Renewable Nanomaterials (ChemReMat)” is concerned with the preparation of functional nanoparticles from biomass streams. The focus is on the development of sustainable, and selective chemical pathways. In addition, the utilization and upcycling of biomass waste streams and the development of analytical methods to analyze and characterize biocolloids are addressed in research.

The research activities encompass the chemical surface modification of biomass components, mainly from lignocellulosics, to introduce functionality and special properties in a simple, ecologically, and economically compatible manner and to improve the performance of bio-based nanomaterials. This implies the in-depth characterization of the materials along this path, to analyze their physicochemical, structural, and mechanical properties, which is performed at the institute and in close cooperation with other national and international research groups. Ultimately, the group intends to utilize locally available and underutilized biomass feedstocks as material sources, to support the development of decentralized biorefinery concepts.

The developed nano-structured matter is used to produce nanoparticles, hydrogels, functional high-strength filaments, nanopapers, and foams, all of them novel tailored, high-performance materials. The current main application fields are insulation materials, ink-based additive manufacturing, and bioactive surfaces.