Department of Agrobiotechnology, IFA-Tulln

Metabolomics for the Investigation of Biological Nitrification Inhibitors in the Rhizosphere 

Project assigned to: Christina Maisl 
Supervisors: Rainer Schuhmacher

Metabolomics of mycoparasitic interactions of Trichoderma atroviride and Botrytis cinerea

Project assigned to: Kristina Missbach
Supervisors: Rainer Schuhmacher

Molecular Networking

Project assigned to: Jonathan Matthew Samson
Supervisors: Rainer Schuhmacher

Department of Applied Genetics and Cell Biology

HISTOVAR: Role of the histone variant H2A.Z in pathogenic Fusarium species

Project assigned to: Anna Atanasoff-Kardjalieff
Supervisors: Lena Studt and Joseph Strauss

Modulation of the high ambient temperature response via endosomal trafficking in Arabidopsis thaliana 

Project assigned to: Nils Leibrock 
Supervisors: Barbara Korbei

On the Interregulation of ER Stress Response and Auxin Signaling

Project assigned to: Jonathan Ferreira da Silva Santos
Supervisors: Jürgen Kleine-Vehn

TOL proteins, modulators of the endosomal degradation pathway during abiotic stress responses

Project assigned to: Maximilian Schwihla
Supervisors: Barbara Korbei

Department of Biotechnology

Molecular analysis of beet crop diversification

Project assigned to: Felix Sandell
Supervisor: Juliane Dohm and Heinz Himmelbauer 

Department of Chemistry

Evaluation of spectral methods for assessing food authenticity and quality

Project assigned to: Bernadette Moser 
Supervisor: Stephan Hann 

Department of Crop Sciences

Genomics-Assisted Breeding for Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) Resistance in the Cereal Durum wheat

Project assigned to: Jedi Joy Belmonte Mahilum
Supervisor: Hermann Bürstmayr

Imaging grapevine stress physiology for improved drought prediction and management 

Project assigned to: Francesco Flagiello 
Supervisor: Gernot Bodner 

Optimizing Genomics Assisted Plant Breeding – Digibreed

Project assigned to: Magdalena Lunzer
Supervisor: Hermann Bürstmayr

Pre-Harvest Sprouting Stability and Genomic Prediction of Complex Quality Traits in Wheat 

Project assigned to: Hermann Gregor Dallinger 
Supervisor: Hermann Bürstmayr 

Project assigned to: Jacopo Innocenti
Supervisor: Astrid Forneck

Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Genetic diversity study for Asian and African Zebu cattle and whole genome resequencing for SNP discovery and development of Zebu cattle specific microarray

Project assigned to: Tafara Kundai Mavunga
Supervisor: Johann Sölkner

Inferring signatures of selection from whole genome sequences of different types of taurine and zebuine cattle.

Project assigned to: Maulana Mughitz Naji
Supervisor: Gábor Mészáros

Mid-infrared predicted traits for energy balance and their genetic background in dairy cows

Project assigned to: Stefan Gruber
Supervisor: Johann Sölkner

Prediction and mapping of heterosis effects using genome-wide SNP arrays in advanced inter-cross populations

Project assigned to: Tesfaye Gebreselama Teweldemedhn
Supervisor: Johann Sölkner

Prediction of mastitis and pregnancy state from milk mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy in dairy cows and the genetic background of MIR predicted phenotypes

Project assigned to: Lisa Maria Rienesl
Supervisor: Johann Sölkner