Prizes, Awards & Fellowships of BioMatInt doctoral candidates


Julia Moldaschl

Poster Prize

ÖGMBT Working Group Workshop “Advanced Cell Culture Technologies”, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Sabina Nebel

Poster Prize

15th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting, Salzburg, Austria

Martin Nagl


University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Heinzel-Sappi-Mondi Award (Dissertation)

Paper & Biorefinery Conference, Graz, Austria


Konstantin Nikolaus Beitl

BOKU Best Talent Award

University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Chiara Siracusa

Wiley Poster Prize

CHISA 2022 – Chemical Engineering and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic


Peter Karolina

BOKU Best Talent Award

University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria


Peter Karolina

Klaus Fischer Innovationspreis für Technik und Umwelt

Fischer GmbH, Austria


Nagl Martin

Science Call Dissertations 2018 Phd Fellowship

The Government of Lower Austria, Austria


Research stays abroad of BioMatInt doctoral candidates

Mihalyi Sophia

Biological Research Center-Margarita Salas (CIB) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid/Spain (September - October 2023)

Project: Production of biopolymers (PHB, bacterial cellulose) from recovered glucose of mixed textile waste hydrolysis

Moldaschl Julia

Wake Forest University, North Carolina/USA (June 2023)

Project: World stem cell summit and Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course

Siracusa Chiara

Jülich Research Center, Jülich/Germany (March - April 2023)

Project: Polyester enzymatic depolymerization coupled with microbial growth for plastic upcycling

Sathish Bhavana

University of Bath, UK (March-April 2023)

Project: Recording holograms of a library of clinically isolated and databank pathogens

Chizzola Giacomo

University of Siegen, Germany (February - March 2023)

Project: Synthesis of amphiphilic thermoresponsive block copolymers

Stöckelmaier Johannes

University of Copenhagen, Denmark (March – May 2022)

Project: Characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins

Bretschneider Thomas

Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland (February 2022)

Project: Multiscale changes in bone due to bio-resorbable implants: Towards a prediction of structure and mechanical performance

Warne Cicely

URD Agro‐Biotechnologies Industrielles, AgroParisTech, France (October – Dezember 2021)

Project: Synthesis of levoglucosenone derived monomers