List of ongoing doctoral research projects sorted by department: 

Department of Civil Engineering and Natural Hazards

Mountain Glacier Sensitivity in the Eastern Alps. Response of glacierized areas to climate change in the past and present and implications for the future.

Project assigned to: Sandra Braumann
Supervisor: Markus Fiebig

Department of Economics and Social Sciences

A conceptual review and taxonomy of constructs assessing consumer dispositions towards environmental sustainability

Project assigned to: Laura Maria Wallnöfer
Supervisor: Petra Riefler

Consumer Sufficiency as a Pathway to Climate Change Mitigation 

Project assigned to: Charlotte Baar 
Supervisor: Petra Riefler

Drivers and aspects of agricultural sustainability  

Project assigned to: Theresa Eichhorn 
Supervisor: Jochen Kantelhardt

Exploring Synergies between the Sustainable Development Goals and Citizen Science

Project assigned to: Dilek Fraisl
Supervisor: Marianne Penker

Regional Sustainable Energy Centres as means of a transition within inter- & national climate politics of the Global South 

Project assigned to: Carmen Séra 
Supervisor: Christoph Görg 

Social proximity in the coffee sector: comparative analysis of conventional and relational coffee value chains

Project assigned to: Hanna Edelmann
Supervisor: Marianne Penker 

Spatial-institutional contexts fostering or impeding food sustainability niches in Vienna and other cities

Project assigned to: Christina Gugerell
Supervisor: Marianne Penker

The critical role of built infrastructure

Project assigned to: Anna-Katharina Brenner 
Supervisor: Christoph Görg 

Department of Forest- and Soil Sciences

Project assigned to: Sophia-Marie Rammler
Supervisor: Georg Gratzer

Department of Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences

Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing Transdisciplinarity into the Academic System of Armenia and Georgia - Case Study on Tourism

Project assigned to: Tigran Keryan
Supervisor: Andreas Muhar

Community-based tourism: sustainable development in mountain regions in the Caucasus

Project assigned to: Lela Khartishvili
Supervisor: Andreas Muhar

The influence of multi-functional time use as a passenger in public transport or autonomous vehicles on the travel time budget - A System Dynamics analysis using an adapted Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator (MARS) model

Project assigned to: Lukas Hartwig  
Supervisor: Astrid Gühnemann

Transition towards Sustainable Mobility – Investigation of Relevant Factors for Sustainable Behaviour

Project assigned to: Nora Spiegel
Supervisor: Astrid Gühnemann

Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Adoption of crossbreeding strategies: A transition towards sustainable utilization of local animal genetic resources?

Project assigned to: Bienvenue Lassina Zoma
Supervisor: Maria Wurzinger

Agriculture and Uneven Development: A Comparative Analysis of Varying Farming Systems in three Brazilian States 1990-2020 

Project assigned to: Sarah Lappöhn 
Supervisor: Maria Wurzinger

Animals in organic mixed livestock systems – farmer’s perception and impact on animal behaviour, health and welfare

Project assigned to: Lisa Schanz
Supervisor: Christoph Winckler

Concrete Outdoor runs for Organic Growing-Finishing Pigs: Characteristics, Effects on Animal Welfare and Environmental Impact and Potential Improvements

Project assigned to: Cäcilia Wimmler
Supervisor: Christoph Winckler

Protein Transition in Austria - towards a more sustainable protein consumption as a contribution to achieve SDG2 

Project assigned to: Laura Hundscheid 
Supervisors: Maria Wurzinger, Andreas Melcher and Astrid Gühnemann 

Sustainable pig production systems - Investigation of synergies and trade-offs between animal welfare and environmental impacts

Project assigned to: Antonia Katharina Ruckli
Supervisor: Christoph Winckler

What drives the fruit choice and fruit intake of women in different food environments in Kenya?

Project assigned to: Barbara Stadlmayr
Supervisors: Maria Wurzinger

Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment (WAU)

Project assigned to: Verena Germann
Supervisor: Günter Langergraber and Andreas Muhar

Towards sustainability in urban temporary housing: Assessment of circularity aspects, resource management and waste management

Project assigned to: Julia Zeilinger
Supervisor: Marion Huber-Humer