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Access to the conference platform

The conference platform is still open until December 10th: https://ells2020.expo-ip.com (for registered participants only)

Please use the login dates that you created when you registered. (If you do not remember your password anymore, click on "Forgot Password". Then you will receive further information by e-mail.)

The platform is accessible via your internet browser (please do NOT use MS Internet Explorer) or via your mobile.

The meetings like the plenary sessions and the oral and poster presentations were realized via zoom meetings and webinars. In addition we also integrated video-chats and other networking options.

Notes on the registration

The registration will be carried out in the platform EXPO-IP.  To use the EXPO-IP you will need a browser supporting the HTML5 Standard. The EXPO-IP platform cannot be used with MS Internet Explorer.

During the registration you will create your own password for the conference. Please make sure to remember it, as you will need it to access the event in November.

Only students and staff members from ELLS member and partner universities are eligble to participate in the ELLS Scientific Student Conference 2020.

If you are currently enrolled in a ELLS joint/double degree programme (EnvEuro, NARMEE, EurOrganic, EMABG, SIFC etc.) please select
the university where your thesis will be/was defended (main supervisor).

ELLS staff members and ELSA please register as "audience members" when registering for the Scientific Student Conference.


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