Seminar 26.01.2019:

You are warmly welcome to participate in the seminar "SPH and its versatile applications in geotechnics and engineering" held by Dr. Chong PENG in Guttenberghaus on Saturday 26.01.2019.

Lecturer: Dr. Chong PENG

Place: SR-03, Guttenberghaus

Time: Saturday 26.01.2019 at 11-12:30 am and 2-3 pm


SPH is a Lagrangian particle-based meshless method gaining popularity in recent years. Owing to its Lagrangian and meshless nature, SPH has advantages in simulations involving free-surface flows, fluid-structure interactions, large deformation, and material discontinuity.

This talk includes three parts:

(1) versatile applications of SPH in various engineering disciplines, especially applications in geotechnics,

(2) the basic concepts, formulations, and implementations of SPH,

(3) the massive-parallelization of SPH using GPU and multi-GPU technology.