The IHB and research groups around Prof. Dr. Wimmer and Prof. Dr. Liebner are currently working on the development of bio-based materials for the production of wood-based materials that can be processed without artificial adhesives. One of the main focuses of the research is the utilization of waste and secondary products from the wood industry (sawmill industry, wood-based materials industry, veneer industry, pulp and paper industry). The bio-based adhesive developed, Biomix for short, can be used among other things, in the field of automated timber construction for the production of fully recyclable wall components using additive manufacturing (3D printing). The mixing of the Biomix and the wood particles in a dry state enables efficient placement of the printing material. In the course of the printing process, the dry base material is wetted with water and, in combination with pressure and heat, solidified layer by layer. With the print head currently under development, it will be possible to print wall structures with different thicknesses. The material enables 100% recycling. This means that new components can be printed from old ones without any loss, thus establishing a closed material cycle. The new material and also the manufacturing concepts pursue a completely new disruptive approach. Several absolutely necessary further developments are addresses to establish a functioning circular economy in timber construction. The research team agrees that the field, which is still in the basis research stage, has enormous potential for broad application.