Open Educational Resources (OER) for Gender in STEM disciplines

Brochure Gendering MINT digital

As part of the EU project "Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment" (GEECCO) videos have been produced. They explain the pertinence of gender in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and the relevance for scientists.

Energy for all
"How can we successfully achieve a fair energy transition that avoids disadvantages to anyone? And what does gender have to do with that?" Video: English with Subtitle

Mobility for all
"How can personal mobility be achieved that is affordable, environmentally friendly, and safe – and addresses the needs of all people? And what does gender have to do with that?" Video: English with Subtitle 

Robots in our society
"What does robotics have to do with gender? And what is the responsibility researchers and research funders have?" Video: English with Subtitle 

Humans and Computers
"What should the interface between humans and computers be like so the highest possible number of people can use the product? And what does that have to do with gender?" Video: English with Subtitles 

Inclusive design – why intersectionality matters
"Safety belts that are not safe for pregnant people, algorithms that only recognize light-skinned men. Why technical research and development must include people in their diversity." Video: English with Subtitles