The following information should provide help if you wish to archive your files and save storage capacity in your mailbox.

There are two way of how you can archive your files: 

  • Since the early beginnings of GroupWise there has been the option to encrypt elements on another medium (such as hard drives, USB sticks or CDROMs) using the Standard Client Archive .
  • Here we would like to point at the smooth integration with the GroupWise client which allows you to transfer elements (such as emails or appointments) back into the active mailbox at any time. Archiving can be easily done for specific elements (such as emails and appointments).
    One disadvantage is the necessity of the GroupWise client and an active BOKU-Account (also for reading the archive) if you wish to view your emails. When leaving BOKU only the following way of archiving should be used:  
  • In order to always be able to read your mailbox - even without GroupWise client (for example, after having left the company) - we offer the following solution that, unfortunately, cannot be done by yourself but offers more flexible options. Details can be found here: 
    • Export options

Please note: Data that is stored in local archives cannot be integrated in the server-based data backup system. Please ensure regular backups of your local archives as these cannot be restored from the server-based data backup.

One possibility of such a backup would be to secure the archive directory using BOKUdrive, a documented use case is available at .

If you need to restore elements which were not in a local archive, please note the information provided here.