As storage space for the GroupWare environment is the most expensive at BOKU and overflowing mailboxes are unpleasant for you and the recipients of your emails, we provided several hints for you. 

Archiving Emails (Standard Client Archive)

GroupWise offers the opportunity to archive emails. Further information on archiving can be found here: 

The thus created GroupWise archive is on your local hard drive - please remember to create backup copies regularly! One possibility of such a backup would be to secure the archive directory using BOKUdrive, a documented use case is available at .

Deleting Memory Hogs

Regular text-based emails contribute only marginally to the storage volume. However, please pay attention to emails with attachments. The Windows client provides the service of finding these memory hogs via 'Tools' -> Mailbox Size'. 

The files are shown according to size. This makes it easy to recognize the largest contributors to mailbox overflow. You can quickly gain a lot of storage capacity by deleting old outgoing messages with large attachments. These are no longer needed and take up unnecessary space. You now have the possibility to permanently delete or archive these messages.

Avoiding Future Storage Capacity Problems

To help you save storage space in the future, we recommend that you do not send files as attachments. Instead use BOKUbox, BOKUdrive or Filr and only send the link to the files. For the receiver of your emails this does not lead to any sacrifices as far as comfort is concerned. On the contrary, you help your avoid overflowing mailboxes.

This also works the other way, too:  BOKUbox, BOKUdrive and Filr can be configured so as to provide the service for BOKU-external persons.

Further information and instruction can be found here: 

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