Highest performance with best-in-class sensitivity. Automated sample preparation. 

Gas chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry yields high-quality analytical performance particularly in regard to discrimination against chemical matrix background and detection of targets. Automated sample preparation yields fast and robust quantitative results. 

Technical Information

7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2017 

The instrument supports electron ionization and chemical ionization in combination with a fast scanning MS/MS. The system is equipped with a robotic sample preparation device from Gerstel enabling fully automated one – and two-step derivatization procedures, headspace analysis and SPME. The use of identical sample preparation robots for derivatization on both GC instruments allows simple and easy transfer of methods between GC-MS/MS and GC-QTOFMS. Programmed Temperature Vaporization is available for the analysis of sensitive analytes in addition to split/splitless injection.