This system provides best-in-class sensitivity combined with a high resolution for the highly accurate multi-element analysis in the trace- and ultra-trace concentration range. It allows to use three different resolution modes for interference free measurements of the target analytes in a single analysis, thus can be used in a variety of applications in the fields of environmental- and biologicals analysis, impurity testing, food safety, etc. even when ultra-low detection limits of even “difficult-to-analyse” elements in complex sample matrices are required. Further, the instrument can be used for isotope ratio analysis when relatively large natural variations in the isotopic composition of target element occur.

Technical Information

Element XR Double Focussing Sectorfield ICP-MS. Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH. Obtained 2012.

The instrument is specified for three fixed resolution settings for interference free multi-element measurements. Further, it is equipped with a discrete dynode, dual mode secondary electron multiplier plus a faraday cup. This triple detector mode allows the detection of a variety of elements in a linear calibration range over 12 orders of magnitudes, making it possible to quantify matrix elements, traces- and ultra-traces in a single run as well as large isotope amount ratios.

This instrument is equipped with a SC-4 autosampler (ESI, Elemental Scientific Inc.) for continuous data acquisition and can be coupled to automated sample preparation systems such as the prepFAST (ESI).