High resolution. Wide mass range. Versatile automated sample preparation. 

The instrument delivers high sensitivity and selectivity with the added value of accurate mass and high-resolution information for identity confirmation of unknown compounds as well as retrospective data analysis. It is also well suited for selective isotopologue analysis over a wide mass range. 

Technical Information

Series 7200B GC-QTOFMS. Agilent Technologies. Obtained 2014. 

The high-resolution QTOFMS provides mass accuracy better than 5 ppm. The system is equipped with a robotic sample preparation device from Gerstel enabling fully automated one – and two-step derivatization procedures, SPME, headspace and dynamic headspace analysis, as well as thermodesorption. The use of identical sample preparation robots for derivatization on both GC instruments allows simple and easy transfer of methods between GC-MS/MS and GC-QTOFMS. The instrument supports electron ionization and chemical ionization.