I.   Stadt Wien-BOKU Research Funding

Research projects from all thematic fields of BOKU in connection with the 2024 topic “(Viennese) Ways into the Future: Create spaces, demand spaces – responsibility for the development of a sustainable metropolitan region" with a project sum of 35,000 to 90,000 Euro and a project duration of max. 2 years can be funded. In total, the funding budget is up to 175,000 Euro.

Submitted projects should contribute to the vision of a sustainable metropolitan region, with a particular focus on the diverse interactions between the city and the surrounding area. The research should also be in the context of the circular economy and can thus include a variety of topics, such as soil, space, mobility, food, energy or infrastructure. The projects must have a connection to Vienna and be set in the context of the SDGs. Projects that are related to the strategy "Vienna 2030 - Economy and Innovation" and the recently presented draft of the “Smart Klima City Strategie Wien” are particularly encouraged.

Research projects from all thematic fields of BOKU can be submitted. Interdisciplinarity is requested. Stakeholder involvement within an appropriate framework is considered positive and can take place in different forms. The relevance of the involvement must be briefly explained in the proposal.
In accordance with the strategic principles in the BOKU strategic plan, research projects should be planned and carried out with special attention to scientific quality and sustainability criteria.

As the fund aims to support young researchers, all BOKU researchers who fulfil the following criteria are eligible to apply:
- doctoral degree up to a maximum of seven postdoctoral years (not counting any parental leave periods)
- employment contract with BOKU of at least 20 hours per week
- documented previous scientific experience

Associate professors and appointed professors are NOT eligible to apply.
The project must be carried out mainly at BOKU.

Proposals must be sent as one complete PDF document (max. 20 MB) to researchfunds(at)boku.ac.at using the application form.

For submission the APPLICATION FORM has to be completed with the following content:

1) Project description consisting of:

  • Popular scientific abstract for public relations in German (max. one A4 page)
  • Scientific abstract in German and English (max. half a page each)
  • Detailed description of the planned research project in English (five to max. eight pages excl. literature references): scientific research question, review of current research and own preliminary work, project objectives and innovation, detailed working plan incl. methodology, contribution of the research project to the SDGs
  • If applicable, relation of the research question to the business areas of the city of Vienna (about 1 page); an expression of interest by the relevant business area is welcome
  • Time and cost plan: The funding can be used to cover personnel, material and travel expenses related to the project (Please note the reimbursement guidelines of the Rectorate: §27 - Kostenersatzrichtlinie).
    Transitional funding of PhD students is NOT allowed. If a PhD student is involved, they are expected to be committed for the whole/most of the project duration.

2) Cost calculation table - Please note the reimbursement guidelines of the Rectorate: §27 - Kostenersatzrichtlinie

 Mag.a Tamara Wolf tamara.wolf(at)boku.ac.at or extension -33012 is available for any questions related to the calculation of costs.

3) Detailed CV in English including a list of publications and description of the scientific competence of the applicant and the previous societal impact of the applicant‘s scientific work in particular in the field of the application.

4) Suggestion of at least ten potential, exclusively international reviewers, whereby careful attention must be paid to avoid conflict of interest (for details see application form)


Please submit the internal pre-submission clearance (via ePM) two weeks before the deadline.
ATTENTION: The completed ePM is absolutely necessary for a complete application!
(please note the „Richtlinie zur Planung und Einreichung von Forschungsvorhaben gem. §§ 26 und 27 UG”)



Applications are requested until 16.06.2024

Please send your proposal to researchfunds(at)boku.ac.at 

Call Text (PDF)

The decision on the awarding of prizes and research funding lies with the board of trustees of the City of Vienna Anniversary Fund for the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (expected in November 2022).

Additional Information:

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