Economy and quality of a product made of natural fibre compound are determined by the efficiency of the production plant. In close cooperation with comp. ECON Maschinenbau und Steuerungstechnik GmbH a granulating system based on hot-cut and air-cooling was developed at the Institute of Natural Materials Technology. The advantage of this system is the prevention of water absorption by hygroscopic materials. The efficiency of the compounding plant was increased by combining the conical co-rotating extruder MAS 55, a multi-component feed equipment and extension of the cooling section to 300kg granulates/h. For profile extrusion a coextruder, cooling tank, haul-off and automatic chop saw was installed for different production extruders and tools. Besides the optimisation of such plant systems the Institute for Natural Materials Technology also supports the conception of production plants, as well as planning, development and mould proving of tools for extrusion and injection moulding. A widespread machinery is offered for tests.