Participation at the orientation days of your host university is obligatory. Normally, you register definitively for the courses after your arrival. The student advisors often assist the students regarding the course choice. You have to choose at least one master or mixed course. If you have problems please contact the Joint Study coordinator. We know many persons at the host university and we can help you. If you change any courses you have to inform your programme coordinator. If you have any problems please contact the International Office of the host institution. If they cannot assist you please contact your Joint Study coordinator: jointstudy(at) Have an exciting and successful semester!

After your stay abroad 1. Contact your programme coordinator because of the crediting of the courses at the list of equivalent courses. 2. Contact the study services and show your transcript and list of equivalent courses. 3. Within two months after your return you have to submit a PDF including your transcript of records and a copy (with all signatures) of your list of equivalent courses via Email to joinstudy(at)

4. You have to submit a report via Email to jointstudy(at)

You will then receive a final e-mail. This final e-mail confirms that the stay abroad has been completed.