Joint Study Freemover Scholarship per month
The amount of the scholarship depends on the actual cost of living and accommodation at the place of study abroad. You can find the standard values of the scholarship rates here: scholarship rates

The applicants in an employment status get in the case of perpetuation of the earnings just 50% of the monthly scholarship rate if the monthly net salary is higher than 750 euro.

The grant will be paid for a maximum of 4 months.

Grant for travel costs
The standard values for the travel allowance can be found here: Grant for travel costs

Fee subsidy (for e.g. Visa, Health Care, ...)
360 Euro

If you apply for a study place at a university which has tuition fees, you can make a request for a one-time grant of 300 Euro

Tuition fees at the host university
You have to pay the tuition fees of the host university by yourself!

Financial plan

A financing plan must filled in for the application (see application form). The scholarship applied for consists of following parts:

  • Scholarship x duration (for calculation contact Joint Study Freemover Coordinator with information on the duration of stay)
  • Grant for Travel cost
  • Fee subsidy
  • (Tuition fee subsidy if applicable)

Minimal demand of ECTS
The minimal demand for ECTS is 3 ECTS per month at the host university.

In case of cancellation of the student, if it is not an act of nature beyond control (for example: illness, pregnancy), you have to pay a cancellation fee of 50 euro.

In case of improper use of the scholarship or the travel subsidy, as well as in case of violation of the reporting obligation, there is a repayment obligation!

Repayment obligation exists in the event of unjustified receipt of the scholarship.

The grant does not include insurance. Please check with your insurance company before you start your journey to determine whether you are entitled to insurance in the destination country or check with the host University if an obligatory insurance must be paid there.

Information on the ÖH Haftplfich insurance can be found online: Please check whether your destination country is included. For USA, Canada, for example, an extra application must be made. For explanation in English see also:

Even if all application requirements are met, there is no legal entitlement to financial support.