Prior to your depature:

Make an application to the BOKU Study Services Office for a waiver of tuition fees if you would have to pay them: 

Don't forget to pay your ÖH-fee also for the semester abroad in time so that you can continue your studies at BOKU. Check your tuition fee status in BOKUonline:

Please read this page carefully: "How to apply"

Your Stay abroad:

Participation at the orientation days of your host university is obligatory.  We recommend that you sign up for the newsletters of the embassy in your respective country to receive information about the events offered and networking opportunities.

Normally, you register definitively for the courses after your arrival. The student advisors often assist the students regarding the course choice. You have to choose at least one master or mixed course. Following BOKU-rules must be followed: Courses - Codes - Credits (GER only). If you have problems please contact the Joint Study coordinator. We know many persons at the host university and we can help you. If you change any courses you have to inform your programme coordinator. If you have any problems please contact the International Office of the host institution. If they cannot assist you please contact your Joint Study coordinator. Have an exciting and successful semester!

Please also ask your host university for your transcript. You need the transcript of the host university for the recognition of the courses at BOKU. Some universities offer digital certificates. Some Joint Study universities send the certificates to BOKU-International Relations. You will be notified by email as soon as the certificate is ready for collection at BOKU-International Relations. Ask actively if you have not received a certificate within a few weeks of completing your stay!

Get in touch with other students in the BOKU Exchange ALUMNI Facebook group.

After your stay abroad

  1. Contact your programme coordinator because of the crediting of the courses at the list of equivalent courses.
    On the equivalence list you make suggestions for credits and grade conversion. This is then reviewed in Studienservices and confirmed by the Dean of Students by signature, if applicable.
    Instructions for converting credits: Courses-Codes-Credits List
    Notes on the conversion of grades: Grade conversion after study abroad
  2. Contact the Study Services Office (Studienservices) and show your transcript and list of equivalent courses.
  3. Within two months after your return you have to submit a PDF including your transcript of records and a copy (with all signatures) of your list of equivalent courses via upload to Mobility Online ("confirmation of stay").
  4. You have to submit a report via upload to Mobility Online.

You will then receive a final e-mail. This final e-mail confirms that the stay abroad has been completed.