The focus of the Soil Fertility and Cropping Systems working group are soil and plant systems within a specific environment. The main concept driving the working group is that soil fertility is the basis for the health, productivity and the quality of plants and animals and with that, human health. The goal here, through suitable plant choice, combination and cultivation measures in organic agriculture is to ensure a high level of optimal yields and plant quality from soil fertility and nutrient cycles in organic agriculture with sustainable and environmentally compatible measures. Also included is a deeper understanding of, above all, how healthy soil develops, how the interactions in soil are carried on between soil organisms and plants, and how plant succession and different combinations integrate. Our expertise includes the establishment of healthy soils, interaction between soil organisms and plants as well as plant interaction through time successions and in different combinations. The emphasis of our research is on organic farms without livestock or with a small number of livestock, in the eastern Austrian arid environment. To learn more about our research themes and research principles see Topics. Current and completed research activities can be found under Projects. To see who is active in our working group as well as the links to our publications, please view in Team. In Studying & Teaching our teaching activities as well as topics for master thesis projects—written by our working group—are available.


Head: Dr. Jürgen K. Friedel University assistants: Dr. Gabriele Gollner, Mag. Agnes Schweinzer