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Mission Statement

The aim of our research and teaching is to make a significant contribution to the development of an integrated system of transport, space, environment and society that ensures essential mobility for people and goods in a sustainable way.

As institute we:

  • work respectfully in multi-disciplinary teams;
  • create an open atmosphere that supports creativity and allows out-of-the-box thinking;
  • promote the professional development of our staff;
  • make decisions in a transparent and participatory way.


Management and Administration

Addresses & Contact

H85600 Institute for Transport Studies (IVe)

Ilse Wallentin-Haus
Peter-Jordan-Straße 82/III
1190 Wien

Tel.: +43(0)1/47654-85600
Fax: +43(0)1/47654-85609

Institut: Das Institut für Verkehrswesen bleibt von 27.12. bis einschließlich 30.12.2022 geschlossen.