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Welcome - to the staff unit for employee protection and health!

We provide you with information on the subject of employee protection and health on the following pages.

The tasks of the staff unit, which is assigned to the rectorate, exist primarily on the basis of the legal requirements of the Employee Protection Act (ASchG).

The employee protection and health care of all BOKU employees is a major concern of the employer / rectorate.

We therefore work on behalf of the Rectorate to ensure that your work is safe and healthy, and we are always available to answer your questions and suggestions in the area of employee protection and health.

Our occupational health and safety policy

  • Prevent damage to health through preventive measures
  • Reduction of accidents at work
  • Use of safe machines and work equipment
  • To maintain or promote the long-term performance of our employees
  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Elimination of sources of danger and risks
  • Promotion of safe behavior of employees, students, visitors and external companies
  • Care, order and cleanliness in the workplace

Advisory services to preventive services

Take the opportunity for comprehensive advice on the subject of employee protection and health. Above all, legal responsibility in the event of work accidents or serious deficiencies in employee protection is a particularly sensitive issue. Prevention and compliance with legal requirements, such as the duty to instruct can protect you as a superior and your employees from legal consequences.

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