Associated working Group at WasserCluster Lunz:

FLUVICHEM: Fluvial Biogeochemistry and Ecology

LeaderGabriele Weigelhofer

Key research topics:

  • Nutrient spiralling from microbial to stream scale
  • Resilience of biofilm processes to global change
  • Participatory environmental research

We investigate how climate change and land use intensification impact the integrity and functioning of streams and rivers. Our research is dedicated to increasing our mechanistic understanding of the resilience and resistance of benthic and hyporheic biofilm functions to stressors such as intermittency, warming, pollution, and hydro-morphological changes. Furthermore, we focus on Citizen Science, science education and communication to help bridging the gap between science and the public.

FLUVICHEM at WasserClusterLunz:

Key Persons

  • Eva Feldbacher
  • Elmira Akbari
  • Laura Coulson
  • Tjaša Matjašic
  • Annette Puritscher
  • Theresa Reichenpfader
  • Alina Ratay
  • Beate Pitzl