Associated working Group at WasserCluster Lunz:

QUIVER: Aquatic Biodiversity and Entomology Research

Leader: Simon Vitecek

Key research areas

  • Aquatic entomology
  • Biodiversity assessment with classical and molecular methods
  • Integrative taxonomy of selected aquatic insects
  • Drivers of biodiversity at different spatial and temporal scales

At the core of the working group are two primordial questions that unravel to a multitude to research fields. The first - what is that? – amalgamates with the second – why is it there? – to shape research and hypothesis around diversity per se as well as evolutionary and ecological processes that control biodiversity at different scales. The overarching goal is to develop a holistic understanding of aquatic insect communities and their single components. In somewhat more applied tracks of research, Water Framework Directive compliant methods focusing on benthic invertebrate fauna have shifted into focus through collaborations at IHG and at European scale.

QUIVER at WasserClusterLunz:

Key Persons

  • Bernadette Schindelegger
  • Jan Martini