Official Curriculum

At BOKU the Mountain Forestry Curriculum at the website of the Study services is the document that is legally binding. In order to graduate from this Master Programme you have to follow the requirements stated in the curriculum.  For detailed information on the academic content please go to the official Mountain Forestry Webpage who is hosting the Master Programme.


Programme Schedule

The Master Programme is divided into:

  • Compulsory courses - 58 ECTS credits
  • Master's thesis - 30 ECTS credits (excl. Master seminar)
  • Master thesis seminar - 2 ECTS credits
  • Elective courses - 20 ECTS credits
  • Free electives - 10 ECTS credits

The 1st semester provides a general overview of issues related to mountain forests and a theoretical training as a base for further, more in-depth understanding of mountain forest-related topics.

The 2nd semester is focusing on further understanding of the topics such as specific ecological characteristics of mountain forests, current forest and land use problems in mountainous areas and data analysis.

The 3rd semester is deepening specialised knowledge and putting emphasis on the practical application of forest management with a focus on sustainability and specific technical and/or ecological problems.

The 4th semester is mainly focusing on the Master thesis, data analysis and Master thesis seminar.