Individual Course Plan

The Individual Course Plan (ICP) is a compilation of the positively passed courses according to the curriculum during the whole master's programme (incl. Master's thesis seminar and courses at the partner universities), which are needed for the graduation at BOKU. It is not a transcript of records of all absolved courses and should be oriented very closely towards 120 ECTS. The ICP can already be established during the studies, thus be used as a guideline.

A pre-check of the ICP by the administrative coordinator at BOKU-International Relations is necessary, who signs the final version after the student. Finally the academic programme coordinator's signature has to be collected.

Please note: The filled in and signed ICP must be submitted to the Graduation Office (Study Services) together with the other graduation documents to receive a BOKU degree (at least 3 weeks before your defense!). It's highly recommended to do an ICP pre-check at study services at the beginning of your last semester. 

Download your ICP template

Find the template (excel-document) for your Individual Course Plan here