Master's thesis

Students from CZU have their main supervisor of the thesis at CZU. But the thesis will be co-supervised at BOKU. Please look for a possible co-supervisor and contact him/her on time. If you need help with finding a co-supervisor, please ask the academic programme coordinator, for support.

Graduation Joint Degree

Students starting at CZU will graduate according to the graduation regulations of CZU.

After passing the state exam, you will receive:

  1. a diploma with the MSc. Title in the NARMEE programme, issued and printed at the home university, with a diploma supplement, describing the master programme and the courses taken in more detail and stating clearly that the degree awarded is a joint degree of both institutions
  2. a certificate mentioning the MSc. title in NARMEE programme with logos of BOKU and CZU and signatures of responsible representatives of both universities /Rector/Vice-Rector) and clear statement that this degree is awarded jointly by both universities.